Okay, people. I’m saying it once and for all. And it’s in writing, so you know I’m being super-serious. There is NO shame in asking influencers, celebrities, or people of note you happen to know for an endorsement. Nor is it poor etiquette to cold email influencers in your space to see if any opportunities for shared promotions are possible.

This can be, arguably, the worst part of wrapping up your publishing process. You’re about to finish your manuscript, you’re panicking about those small details, and yet, now’s the time to get it in front of people who really are going to judge you. To make matters worse? They’re people whose opinions you really care about.

The truth is, it’s not just about asking, it’s about how you ask. It can be intimidating to know that you have to walk the line between cockiness and confidence, and that you really have to believe in yourself to make an influencer or endorser believe in you too.

But here’s the thing. You know deep down that what you’ve done is awesome.

So what else really matters as you take a brave step and put yourself out there to ask for help with promotion, or even some kind words to pop on the book cover, the interior, or even on your website?

The truth is, before you take this step, you have to become comfortable with the idea that some folks will say no. The key is remembering that you actually have no context for the reason behind their response. They could be extremely busy and have no time to read your material. They could have been burned in the past. Or, maybe, they just didn’t resonate with your content. That means nothing about your value as an individual, nor does that mean anything about your work.

I mean, my husband HATES pickles. That means absolutely nothing about pickles themselves. It simply means my husband has poor taste.

So instead of preparing for the worst, know that some challenging responses could be returned, but those responses are not indicative of the quality of work you’ve done. Chances are, you’ll receive great feedback and unwavering support. You just have to believe that the best will happen and prepare for challenges in advance.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Asking for endorsements or social shares is common practice.
  2. If someone rejects you, do not take it personally.
  3. Some people just have bad taste.

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