Here's what i do

When publishing a book, or even launching a product, I'll be with you every step of the way. I can also simply jump in when you need me. Let's work together to figure out how I can best serve you! 

Content Development: outlining, planning, scheduling, and holding you accountable

Content Assessment: reading of manuscript and building of in-depth analysis of content, suggestions for improvements, checklist of to-do items, and breakdown of most marketable angles

Developmental Editing: comments throughout your manuscript, no line-edits

Substantive Editing: in-depth line-editing for clarity and flow

Ghostwriting: writing, but only about ghosts

Somewhere in between: heavier than a typical substantive edit, but not quite a ghostwrite

Book Proposals: service for authors and agents; proposal writing, editing, and development of sample chapters (note: these clients are only accepted after a discovery call)

Project Management: maintaining schedules, gathering a team, and everything in-between 

Copywriting: back ad copy writing, catalog copy, web copy, and copy about copy machines

Bios: writing bios to fit any style and desired word count 

Branding: clarifying mission, tagline, messaging, aesthetic (including colors, fonts, and imagery style) creating high-design style guide; hand-drawn elements included (this service pairs well with web development)

Creation of Lead Magnets/Giveaways to Grow Email List: building an ebook, checklist, or resource guide for download in exchange for email address to help you grow your contact list

Website Developmentcreating a hub for your book(s) or product(s) where all up-to-date pertinent information lives and all sales are funneled

Custom Email Campaigns: creating targeted campaigns to warm your email list to prime for sales and/or make you a more enticing acquisition target for publishers

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